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At SJS Law Firm, we offer small to mid-sized employers the employment counseling services they need to protect their companies as they grown. Hiring employees is more complicated that many people realize, something you have probably already discovered. There are a host of laws and regulations surrounding being an employer, rules that you must observe to protest yourself from liability.

Our firm provides much-needed assistance with a range of employment issues, including drafting non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality, independent contractors, non-compete agreements and writing employee handbooks that include policies and prohibitions. By working with our team, you can ensure that everything that you do is in compliance with current law.

Protecting Your Business

Although it is possible to handle all employee-related matters yourself, doing so can often lead to trouble on down the line. It only takes one accident or one dispute with an employee to draw attention to your business, and with that attention can come a rude awakening. If anything is out of line, it may wind up being a very expensive mistake.

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