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Intellectual property law can be complicated and confusing. The law may be designed to help you protect you and your creations, but it is also difficult to understand and utilize without the property legal training. At the SJS Law Firm, we have the experience and training to help you look after your intellectual property. Providing a full range of services related to trademark law, copyright law, and other IP matters.

Assisting With All Types Of IP Law

Our firm can assist you and your company with licensing, transactions and litigation. If you have property that you are interested in protecting, we can guide you through the appropriate process to ensure that you take full advantage of all protections available. If you are interested in making a transaction with your own property. or the property of another party, we can provide a legal framework for doing so. And if you are in the frustrating position of needed to take legal action against another party over IP infringement, our team can ensure that you have the strongest possible case.

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The SJS Law Firm works with businesses throughout Washington DC, Prince George’s County, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Contact our firm today to discover how we can help you develop procedures for protecting trade secrets, registering trademarks and copyrights.