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Disagreements are inevitable in business. At SJS Law Firm, we offer our services to help resolve these disputes, whether external or internal. Experienced in mediation and litigation, we have the skills and training to help resolve disputes using a variety of legal tools.


Our firm provides mediation to handle disputes both inside your company and disputes with other businesses. Mediation is designed to foster solutions that satisfy all parties, which can prevent the need for costly legal battles. Our goal is to save you money and stress, so we will push for mediation if it seems like a viable option. When everyone comes together to reach an amicable solution in mediation, it can be surprisingly effective.


If negotiation or mediation is not desirable or effective, then our firm will not hesitate to litigate on your behalf. We are comfortable in the courtroom and we know how to build a winning case. While serving as mediator our firm does not take sides, in litigation we are purely focused on your best interests. We will fight tirelessly to see that you get the results you need out of your case.

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