Small Business Packages

Start-Up Package[1]

  • Counseling on selecting the best legal structure for your business
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Corporation
    • Non-Profit
    • Benefit Corporation
  • Incorporate & register your business
    • Draft and file articles of incorporation
    • File name reservation and trade name forms as needed
    • Apply for business license
    • Register with state taxing agency
  • Serve As your Registered Agent
  • Provide checklist of steps and 1 hour counseling session on yearly reporting requirements for your business
  • Partnership agreement
  • One customized contract, for instance an independent contractor agreement or forms to use with customers

Enhanced Start-Up Package

  • Each of the services listed above plus
  • Disclaimers for your website and marketing materials that protect the rights of your business and limit your liability
  • One (1) additional customized contract
  • Review one (1) contract

Small Business Employment Package

  • Checklist and 1 hour counseling on interview best practices.
  • Up to 3 customized job descriptions, 3 custom applications, and 3 offer letters
  • Employee Handbook with policies and prohibitions relevant to your business
  • Manager Handbook explaining employment laws relevant to your business
  • One 1 hour employee training
  • One year of timely updates on the newest state and Federal employment laws and regulations relevant to your business

Established Business Package

(Legal Audit/Check-Up)

  • Legal Audit/Check-Up
    • Reviewing your major documents and providing a roadmap for legally protecting the business.
    • Compliance: Ensure you have complied with state report requirements and any requirements particular to your business.
    • Contracts: Reviewing your business contracts to ensure you have all the contracts necessary to protect your business and the right language in those contract.
    • Advertising: Ensuring you have the proper disclaimers on your website or other advertising materials and social media, and that is your advertising is not misleading
    • Employees: Reviewing your employee handbook and employee policies and determining if you have the right polices in place for your business.
    • Overall, provide an assessment of where you may have some exposure legally.
    • Outline steps on how to move forward to ensure your business is protected
    • Monthly General Counseling at services offered at a discounted rate after audit complete.

2-Hour Legal Strategy Session

  • Discuss legal aspects of any disputes, planned joint ventures, purchases, taking on a new investor, or any other business plans or concerns
  • In-person, over the phone or Skype (Google hangout)

General Counsel Services [2]

  • Includes 8 hours of legal services per month
  • Additional hours billed at a discounted rate

Please contact us at to find out our current package rates.

[1] Most filing fees included

[2] Actual fee will depend on the size of the business