Legal Checkups: Smart Practices for a Healthy Business

Managing the day to day operations of a small business can be a never ending set of tasks. One way to avoid getting overwhelmed is to get annual legal checkups. Check out this podcast with Darryl Maxwell, a Managing Attorney at the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center, and Shavon Smith, founder of The SJS Law Firm, PLLC, as they discuss the components of a successful legal checkup.

Do Pro Bono Work: Sound Advice That Still Resonates

Throughout one’s legal career you will get advice aplenty: Take this bar, work in Big Law, don’t work in Big Law, go into this practice area, don’t practice in this city. The list foes on. But there is one piece of advice I have heard in every stage of my career from lawyers of all stripes: do pro bono work.

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Black Women’s Equal Pay: Taking Legal Action

Anyone who has spent time around children knows that the concept of “what’s fair” is often front and center, as young children innately know when the rules of a game or contest just don’t seem right. Many women of color know that the game, when it comes to equal pay, it is not fair.

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3 Advantages To Becoming a Certified Woman-Owned Business

Written by Shavon Smith Esq, SJS Law Firm and Samatha Jeffers, Intern, SJS Law Firm and student at George Washington University School of Law

Being a certified, woman-owned business has many benefits, certification grants accessibility to various programs and opportunities. More than 9.4 million firms are owned by women, certified women-owned businesses employed nearly 7.9 million people, generating $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015.

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Not Just for Policy Wonks: The Place to Be is Washington, D.C., If You Are Thinking of Starting a Start-up!

By: Shavon Smith, Partner, and Samantha Jeffers, Intern, SJS Law Firm

Originally published in American Bar Association, Middle Market and Small Business Committee Newsletter

Shavon on The Pulse TV  

THE PULSE is a business show that gives a fresh look at the latest business news, economic, technology and industry trends, company profiles, and government policy in Prince George’s County, Maryland and the region. It is the one show in Prince George’s County that helps you keep your finger on THE PULSE of the latest business opportunities in the County and the region. This show is created and produced by the Prince George’s County Supplier Development & Diversity Division.

#CareerCrush Q&A with Emilie Aries of Bossed Up

Black Politics Today

Episode 60: Business Monday – Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Audio SignSince 1997 black women owned businesses have increased by more 300 percent increasing the number of women owned business to 1.3 million. The NAACP is providing new programs and assistance for first-time business owners to fight the fear and launch their business ideas. My guest Attorney Shavon J. Smith and Marlysa Thomas share their insight in helping you become the next black business owner.

Black Politics Today

Episode 50: Business Horrors – What To Do if You Get Sued

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Starting a small business is a lengthy process. It’s a process that impacted every business owner mentally, emotionally, and financially. The realization of becoming a business owner is both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. The joy of owning your own business and doing something you love is very exciting As a small business owner, the idea of facing a lawsuit can be stressful, financially draining, and professionally devastating. So listen in, as we engaged our Small Business General Counsel and Attorney Marcia MCree to go deeper, and share with us tips on what to do if you get sued.

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Episode 44: Show Me The Money: Getting Your Legal House in Order Prior to Seeking Funding

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Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s role in the acclaimed movie Jeremy McGuire highlighted what so many potential and existing business owners think about when they are in the thralls of starting their business; Show Me The Money! The start up cash that they will need to lift their dreams off the pillow and into action is often times elusive. However, with companies like Benjii, dreams are kept alive. Hear from our Small Business General Counsel, Small Business Funding source, and a Small Business Owner share their insights into running a small business.

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Episode 41: Understanding Your Business Contracts & Making a Change!

Audio SignAs a business owner you would want to know the contracts you’re entering into. Don’t just accept terms you don’t understand. Make sure you know what’s in your contracts. And when starting a new business, interview legal counsel to help you get started, and if you’re looking for an image makeover, get a meeting with one of my guests Shavon J. Smith or Jessica Dew.

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Episode 35: Let’s Get Your Funding On!

Audio SignSecuring enough financing to start and maintain a business is often the main concern of many small business owners. Banks are often unwilling to take the risk and lend to new small businesses. Family members and friends may not be able to help you finance your dream. So, for many small businesses and startups, Crowdfunding has filled the financing gap. If you are thinking of creative ways to finance your business – crowdfunding may work for you. In one year alone, U.S. crowdfunders raised $9.46 billion!! It’s time minority owned businesses get a piece of the economic funding pie to secure their business platform and launch new and exciting ideas. Join us, as we discuss the various types of crowdfunding and the impact on traditional financing; the relevant laws, and what you need to consider before you undertaking a crowdfunding campaign.

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Episode 26: Transforming Dreams Into Business

Audio SignMany American’s dream of owning their own business. From their childhood they saw themselves running their business, but they never took the steps to start it. For some of them, not knowing where to begin or how to put a business plan together, or even, what business to start; have all been a challenges and have impacted their ability to move forward. But for others,it’s been a lack of money and a fear to get started. So often, un-launched dreams are the result of the fear to step out on faith. Tonight, we tackled all of those issues that have prevented you from living your dreams of owning your own business. My guests. Shavon J. Smith, Karen Todd, Enoch Hill, Shavannia Williams, and Doug Dillon together they “Transform Your Dreams into Business.”

General Liability Lessons For Bar Owners:  You Charge It, You Buy It

“Shavon J. Smith (@TheSJSLawFirm), small business attorney and founder of theSJS Law Firm, suggests putting disclaimers on menus and websites stating the business is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen property. Moreover, Smith says, if your business has patrons who commonly work on laptops for extended periods, you may want to display more prominent disclaimers.

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How To Make A Professional Liability Claim In 3 Easy Steps

Pro tip: call sooner rather than later. According to Shavon J. Smith, a small business attorney and founder of SJS Law Firm (@TheSJSLawFirm), “Many small businesses forget about promptly notifying their insurance company.

Professional Liablity